Tuesday, September 25, 2007


brave buddhas of burma

Tomorrow - 26th of Sept. which is today in Burma, is a full moon in Aries.
Aries is all about courage- visualize Henry the 5th-( Kenneth Branagh) on his horse rallying the troops to a victory even though its the dead of winter and they don't have shoes.

Fast forward to Burma 2007.

Hundreds of thousands of Buddhists armed with the will for peaceful change, marching to victory for democracy in their homeland, or to a bloody battle? I hope the former. But the monks are known for the ability to move beyond body pain- so if the army pulls out the weapons, the monks will hold firm to the teachings and to the strong perseverance that they are known for.

Libra seeks peace- Aries is the warrior- will we have headlines of the 'peaceful warrior wins'-? I hope so!

The world is watching.

Burma achieved full Independence on 4th of jan 1948 @ 4:20am.*
The Astrologers' of Burma picked the most auspicious time.

In some parts of the world Astrologers are considered vessels of wisdom.

Burma is experiencing a JUPITER (freedom, expansion, religious views, and by all means can be lucky) Return. Right on its Ascendant. (9 pm point on the clock- presentation to the world). What do we have right now, but thousands upon thousands of monks marching for FREEDOM!

When the protest began-on the 17 of Sept.- Mars (in Gemini) the planet of action was sitting on Burma's Uranus- (Rebellion, bring in the progressive way) - Venus in Leo (money) was conjunct the country's Vertex (fated point) and Mercury in Libra (speech) was aligned with with Burma's Moon(the masses) - the voice of the people. And that is a voice of PEACEFUL CHANGE all brought on because of Government's insane price increase of gas.

We have a double dose of Chiron (wounded healer/maverick) action. The day the protests began- Chiron in the sky was in the same degree as Burma's Venus- (wealth of the country) and transiting Moon was conjunct Burma's natal Chiron. Literally, the powers that be, were crippling the public with the demands for more money for fuel- and it ignited a drive to make changes- firm changes and forever changes.

The Monks will not back down until they reach the goal planned for, even if the cost is lives. When something is started during a Scorpio Moon the mood is serious and the intent is 'until the death'.

The REVOLUTION has begun.

Currently transiting Uranus which rules over such things as revolution, is hanging out in Burma's 4th house of home. The urge for changes isn't going anywhere but - intense. As the people of Burma meet resistance from the Army ( Mars in Gemini in the 7th) they will continue to push for new ways, new leadership. Since Uranus moves so slowly- this change isn't going to happen in one week or one month- but over a period of years. We will however, see much action now and in the next 2 yrs- as the Solar/Lunar Eclipses in 2008 will active this country into change.

As a matter of fact the recent Solar Eclipse of Sept. 11th made some powerful contacts to the Burma chart. The south node (past) was exactly conj. Burma's Virgo Mars.

The detail of high gas prices might of push the envelope, but being fed up with the way the past cheated them out of their elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, might of been triggered in the memory of yet one too many. That Solar Eclipse fell in the 10th house of leadership- and certainly they were denied who they voted to lead them.

This current full Moon also falls across Burma's 4th/10th house. The Moon in the 4th- the people's mood (aries-anger & courage) and the leadership- Sun in Libra- (diplomatic, skillful but not comfortable in this position). So the leadership is treading on difficult ground. If they hit hard the uproar will be so loud its heard around the world twice over.
Saturn is moving toward Burma's natal Mars- (Army)- will they continue to be restraint in their actions- or lay down the 'law'? I think November will be the telling month- as that is when the conjunction of Saturn is in the same degree as Burma's Mars. If the hard hand is coming out, it will be then.

To appease the people its going to take more than just lowering gas prices.
Venus travelled over Burma's natal Saturn yesterday- so if that was a 'first step' that the government was considering, in order to resume control, they are too late. It won't help long term. The desire for change is much deeper.

No doubt that the United Nations is going to pass some restrictions on this country if they don't act in a manner that is accepting to the world body or their own people.

Change is coming for Burma, let us all pray with and for the monks that its without bloodshed.

* Thanks to amazing mundane astrologer Judy Johns for the data on Burma.

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