Thursday, July 05, 2007


Solar Twins: george w. & HH the Dalai Lama

I know..........amazing but true. Our very own king george w. shares a birthday with HH the Dalai Lama. And that day is July 6th. If you think deeply about it, they do share many traits- in an odd way- Both are thick in the faith- both are leaders- (well- w/ gw- its questionable WHAT he's leading us into it- despair and cut wrists) both have a following- but gw's is getting smaller by the day. However- they were born in different years- and that makes all the difference- on the finer details. The birth chart is a complex blending of ALL the planets- the Sun being just one component of it- important of course - but just part of the whole.

Knowing your sun sign and degree is like knowing who your father is. That information alone tell us much, but who is Ma? Grandparents? Cousins? etc. all of the big picture has to be taken in.

George W. turns 61 on July 6th, 2007. His Solar return chart set for Washington, DC- shows a very introspective man for 2007. At least for part of the year. That is deduced because of a Solar Return Chart holding his natal Sun in the 4th house- of the soul- and of the family. Very soon- early in this summer, I believe his attention is going to turn to HIS family. The domestic realm- and the cause of the turn inward might be because of an illness or hospitalization of some family member. Nothing gets us REAL like the 'thought' of loss of a loved one. And when the body begins to fail us- those thoughts naturally are in the front of our mind- no matter if its our body or someone else's- we suddenly are brought into the ETERNAL- NOW. That's it "folks" (as he likes to say) - suddenly we are in the 'be here now' mode- because the now- is all we got. I see this in his Solar Return chart from the placement of the SR Moon- its in Pisces @ 24 degrees and its in the 12th house. That house is connected to faith, hospitals, meditation, and all things hidden. ALL THINGS HIDDEN- fears too. Since the White house is always reminding us about how 'afraid' we should be - ( ie- another terrorist is in the wings waiting to get us) maybe George W. might begin to believe his own rhetoric.

Aries is rising in the SR chart- (that's the 9 am dial place for newbies)- and Mars is in the 1st house- in Taurus- so more of his pig-headed- "my way or the highway" strut is in store of us. Yes, mr. "i am the decider" will dig those spurs in deeper and deeper- maybe he'll be in so deep he won't be able to move into Iran. Let us pray to the God that hears us. And speaking of Divine conversations- bush is going to be in dialogue very much with the higher being this year- that's a given with a 12th house moon in Pisces- its a TRIPLE dose of it- I just hope that the divine conversation is an order to stop killing for peace- ya think he can tune into that message? Nah.

There's a new moon on the 14th of July and it's going to fall in the SR 4th house and lay on top of GW's natal Saturn. That's the elders in the family- the history- the past- things that are old- somehow, someway the family structure of the bush's clan is going to change. It might also include news of a wedding this year- (maybe one of the twins will get knocked up and get married -in that order) There is a big focus on 'the kids' in his SR as well.

Laura might be wanting to be free of GW and all his war ways during 2007. She's represented by his 7th house and SR Jupiter is there- RIGHT on the cusp (front door) so - she's also going to be doing a lot of divine prayer/expanding her social skills- Ms. do-good er might just strike out and shock the world in some form or fashion-by NOT towing the line as expected. And of course that 7th is also representing Darth Vader- his "other" partner- I expected him to retire by now- he hasn't as of yet, but maybe if congress gets a spine and he thinks he might be IMPEACHED he'll step down 'suddenly' as VP.

The nodes in the SR are spot on- the South Node (past/karma) is conjunct GW's Natal Mars in Virgo- so his obsession w/ getting it right in Iraq is very much about him not wanting to go down as a failure with his freedom-by killing plan.

I have often thought how these two men are born on the same day- and how GW is bent on bringing 'freedom' to those oppressed, and yet Tibet has been SCREAMING for help for decades, but we don't seem to be too concerned about freeing them from the Chinese. I wonder why? Could it be there's no oil reserve there? Don't want to piss off the Chinese? No axe to grind? Or perhaps divine voices aren't loud enough in GW's head to help Tibet.

Anyhow- enough of George- I can only look at his chart for a few minutes then I break out in fits of frustration that he's not been impeached.

I would much rather spend time with HHDL- and would do a SR chart for him as well- but we don't have confirmed birth time - and w/o that the SR would not be accurate. We can run a Solar chart (putting the Sun on that 9am dial) and get much information from the current transits activating his chart.

This very peaceful man is slowing down. NOT right now- but later in the summer the passage of Saturn over his natal Venus brings the chance for him to be closer to his adopted home- India- and I expect we will see him laying the foundation of his teachings more from there. The ruler of his birth chart is the Moon and its placement in Virgo means that in 2007-8 will be touched by Saturn. So that's two really important Saturn transits happening for him in the up coming months and in 2008- I think the body will demand that he not keep such a global pace.

A third Saturn event is Saturn opposition to his natal Saturn in Dec. 2007 and again later in 2008 as it will go retrograde and the opposition happens several times- more than one chance to clarify what ones goals are- seeing the FINER details in the big picture. This is a 'cycle' rather than a transit- and gives him a chance to review -cut away and make a new start, if need be. I think he will zoom in on the few but important messages he wishes to leave w/ us. If you've read much of what he has to say as of late- its very simple. And its going to get even more so- yet in just a few words he can convey an idea as big as the universe itself.

As always he sets the example by living it. Unlike GW - HHDL has no trouble expressing his mind.

So GW, if you are reading - take note- your solar twin has some good advice:

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. Dalai Lama

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