Saturday, June 16, 2007


rearview mirror/royal love

Mercury flipped direction on June 15th. For the next three weeks - until July 9th it will be in 'retrograde'. What this mean for us on earth is - that 'things' like travel plans, contracts, new projects will need to be REVIEWED very carefully, unless you like the excitement of dealing with chaos. Our attention to details will be on the low end, or if not YOURS - someone you have to deal with to get the job done may not be paying attention. Small things like your mail ending up in your neighbors box- fine as long as its not the huge paycheck you've been waiting a month for.

I liken retrograde periods to driving around town in reverse- you can do it- but it takes a lot of focus, and who wants to pay for repairs to the BMW?

So look carefully not only before you pull out of the driveway-( I managed somehow to lock my front and side bumper into the pole that holds the garage up- couldn't go forward OR backwards!) but also before signing anything you truly want to go forth smoothly.

This is a great time to clean out the 'stuff'- as Mercury is in the sign of Cancer - and its retro period points to the past- so rid yourself of things you no longer use or need- emotional baggage included.

Venus entered the royal sign of LEO on June 5th. Love and fine taste share the table of pleasures all summer- as it too will share the rear view mirror along with mercury. On July 27th it turns around while in the sign of Virgo- and moves back into the 'treat me like a king/queen sign' until Oct. 7th.

Treat those you love with respect and shower them with gifts of the material and loyal kind- or its 'off with your head'!

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