Friday, April 13, 2007


13 reasons friday the 13th is LUCKY

Luck is in the mind, and its a good thing for otherwise we'd be subject to voodoo dolls, bad mojo and confused witches. So make the space for all good things to come your way this Friday the 13th. I just thought up 13 reasons why today is lucky for us- count 'em with me:

1. Mercury (rules the thoughts) is in the sign of Aries- go get it- whatever it is - its the unstoppable energy of confidence.

2. The deadline for filing your taxes falls on a Sunday this year, so you get an extra day! Postmark can be for the 16th.

3. There is a New Moon @ 28 Aries and it TRINES Pluto! Success in all new endeavours.

4. Saturn the planet that rules foundations, the earth, boundaries, traditions, blue chip items, FINALLY turns DIRECT on the 19th ! Time to plant the garden.

5. Venus and Mars are in a square aspect this Sunday- making for good- um.......tension in the bedroom. Fight and then great make-up energy.

6. Earth Day is Alive and getting well funded thanks be to AL GORE!

7. Nancy Pelosi has Kali MA energy and isn't afraid to use it.

8. The Los Angeles Indian Film Fest starts this week-

9. You now can blog in HINDI on this blog site.

10. 11. 12. 13. Mother Meera is coming to town this weekend, go get a biss bath.

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