Sunday, March 11, 2007


searching for godot

There are times in life to wait and times to search. And times to search while you are waiting. Waiting for ...........can also mean 'receiving'.

On Sunday the 19th of March @ 7:43 pm (PDT) there is a Solar Eclipse in the 28 degree of Pisces. This isn't just any 'normal' new moon. No, Sir.

New Moons mean NEW START, however before you jump on the idealized bandwagon make sure you have those sunglasses off. And my bet is the darkness the eclipse can cause is reason enough to yell out- "WHOA SALLY, HOLD ON"................. in other words- plan but don't act......not just yet. Many blue prints of the new plan are going to be out of date by the time the Solar dust settles and those rose color (or black) glasses are yanked off by PLUTO.

Pluto is a very undercover planet. Sometimes so incognito that you don't know what happened until its over. You're just left with the meltdown and reconstruction that follows its path. Pluto is a key player in the Solar Eclipse because its 'only a hairs breath' away from an exact square to the Sun and Moon. Power plays- global and local. Sudden shifts in who controls what, and GOD always wins with this one- (Pisces being connected to the Divine source). Look for and expect 'hidden blessings' in the aftermath of its wake.

Be truthful in all areas. Fibbers will be found out and the penalties for bad behavior will be stiff. Cheney take note! He might even suddenly decide its best NOT to be VP, and that fake heart might just need a break from all the stress. Stepping down for health reasons is my bet. The Solar Eclipse falls in his 7th house- so his partnership with bush the bumble-fumble guy is coming to an end. It might be closer to May of this year before the announcement, but partnerships are being looked @ for him right now. Maybe bush gets on his nerves now too.

Don't mean to scare you- but we are going into some intense emotional times. Issues with how we handle our own emotions can come to the surface. If you are in touch with your feelings and able to express them in a mature manner, you'll fair better than those who are Dr.Spock types.

So when you're sitting in the dark waiting for the answer to the meaning of your life, make sure you look deep inside to discover it- it was there all along, just veiled in mist for a short while. And if Divine rings you, for goodness sake -PICK UP THE PHONE, this call won't come again for another 19 years.

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