Sunday, January 28, 2007


wild things

This morning as I rolled up the fabric that acts as a curtain above my alter; I was in awe of two tiny birds perched on a stub of what once was a long branch. They were sharing this very limited space with an orange half, tucked in between the limb and the base of the tree, twenty feet in the air. Clearly, the half eaten orange was left over from cousin squirrel’s breakfast, brought over from my neighbor’s trees, their offering to nature.

As a photographer I am always ‘seeing’ and as an Astrologer I am always ‘analyzing’ – this morning I blended the two traits, and wished I had some color film on hand. The tiny birds, which I believed to be finches, but not so sure as I know nothing about bird-speak. The head-dress of one clearly had orange in it, and it picked up the bright orange of the citrus in perfect composition. The bare and wiring branches of the pecan tree reached out in a chaos manner framing this tiny painting in my mind, and also I noticed how the bird’s bodies were the exact shade as the tree. Camouflaged to perfection, confirming my belief that Divine is the master artisan.

Way below, situated on top of the garbage cans were the feral cats I feed, “Momma” and “Dad”. Momma is orange, white, and brown. Dad is bark tree color, and is smart. Much too smart to be bothered by much of anything, he was sleeping. Momma was busy cleaning her fur, atop the dusty garbage cans. Ironic, yes. Nature has humor laced everywhere. All of this scene I soaked in, seeing in one swoop of the lens, the message of compassion and companionship. The ferals, seldom apart, survive in the mad world by looking out for each other. They play together, share food with each other (eat out of the other's bowl) and are joined by some invisible thread of need.

Like the finches, (let’s just assume they are) they are my teachers this morning. During the morning meal, one bird would peck out of the orange for just a few moments, then step aside, and allow the other to have a go at it. This rhythm repeated over and over. Sharing a meal, with utter instinct that there was enough to open for other to have enough. Good manners I do say! Thinking of the other, in the most primitive moment- feeding time.

Venus, planet of love moved into Pisces, sign of compassion and caring on the 27th. We have just twenty-five days with this pairing. On the 21st of Feb. it moves on to “me, me, me – have I mentioned my needs?-ARIES’. So make the most of your three plus weeks by honoring the things that Pisces governs. That would be- all the arts, but especially those that take you to the beauty realm, other worlds, and give a sense of ease and escape. Yes, photography, dream journal writing, painting, dance, yoga, feed the poor (it is an art to give w/o feeling YOU are the giver). Go see movies with loved ones, CHERISH those that you hold near and dear. For even though we don’t often think it- to love and be loved is a great path to live life.

My Guru visited me in my dream time last week, and with an impish grin he said in all seriousness- “BE HAPPY".

While Venus travels through Pisces, we all can have shared moments like my fellow creature in the tree, and on the cans; eating and sleeping with those you love.

Friday, January 19, 2007


pinch me-coz its not a dream

"The President has the ability to exercise his own authority if he thinks Congress has voted the wrong way."
~ Tony Snow, January 8, 2007

Bush retorted: "That we didn't do a better job, or they didn't do a better job?". We liberated that country from a tyrant. I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude". We've endured great sacrifice to help them". [Americans] wonder whether or not there is a gratitude level that's significant enough in Iraq."
~60 minutes interview, Jan 14th 2007

This week's ice and snow froze much ground in America. The above quotes from our "black house" as i tend to call it, should send a chill down the spine of every American. The cowboy has gone off his meds, or needs to get on some, because his understanding of our laws of the land are seriously confused.
IT is not HE who runs this country, WE DO. THE PEOPLE. In his last "dribble to the nation" he mentioned what a short memory the American people have. Well, bush seems to have forgotten that piece of paper our founding fathers wrote- which protects us from oval office madness.

Astro headline news is this- PLUTO- power monger and MARS - just give me what I want or I will take it - joined up on the 13th.

BUT this week- on the 18th VENUS the Goddess of LOVE linked up with just one more drink- Neptune. When Venus and Neptune do the dance we can have sweet romance, but when a mad boy king is hit with a dose of Venus-Neptune we get words like SACRIFICE- FOR THE CAUSE. YET, this cause was long lost- and the fact is george is a loser. Losers can't help but lose, its their birth right.

We all lose as long as he is not reined in. Congress has a job to do, lets hope they have the heart to do it. Saturn which represents 'authority' is going to have a dual (proper weapons please) with Venus on Monday. The battle that Congress MUST launch will begin on the 22nd. Venus rules money and love, and I am praying to all Gods and Goddesses that care to listen, to have them cut the funding for this madness called WAR.

If george wants a thank-you for dropping 800 bombs every other weekend and invading a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 (which he still tries to link together, as if saying it makes it so) then I say- Remove this man from office- he is very very sick. He can't face facts. He is in need of medical attention. His story of why we are in Iraq has changed like our current erratic weather patterns.

Also coming our way is an exact square (effort needed) between Jupiter and Uranus. Making something BIGGER to fix a problem won't work. We need SMARTER not bigger.

In your personal world- no playing with the electric outlets or eccentric ones. Unless you are willing to loose, don't bet the farm. Learning a new form of communication would work wonders, if only you could be still long enough to listen.

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