Sunday, December 31, 2006


brand new day

Sting sung it, my friend Billy, sent a Christmas greeting proclaiming it, and all the world will celebrate it tomorrow.

New day, New Year, New World?

"So be it", I whisper in front of the candle.

The New Year's Day Chart- ( one minute into it) shows a highly communicative 2007, as the moon (mood) is in chatty Gemini. Communication can take many forms, and since the moon is applying to an opposition to fiery Mars in Sag, (aggression, action, how you get from a to z FAST) expect more blood, guts and glory for what you believe in. OR for those more peaceful inclined- a year of refining the 'sword of the pen' - making your MARK via a statement -artistically or athletically-blend grace and beauty with strength. Dream the impossible, and make it closer to your reality by visualizing it already done. Universal truth- "if you don't believe in yourself no one else will either". So believe.

I believe that the world can be more loving despite the fact that headline news is more like a horror film, relishing the pain others feel. And I have astrology to back me up in that thought. The New Year's Moon is six degrees from trining (flow) Neptune. Neptune is the planet that rules -dreams, mystics, and junkies too- everyone will want to find 'an escape' in 2007. Relief from too much hard reality- ( Sun and Saturn are in Mutual Reception*) - I am going to do it with LOVE.

LOVE what is - while creating what you want to be. Love each and every second you have food, water, shelter and another human (or pet) to hug and speak your truth too- and get a nod of agreement from. Love the fact that with each ending is a beginning. And rest assured there will be many endings in 2007.

Start the year with LOVE Infuse the year with LOVE end the year with LOVE.

"Those tender words we said are stored in the heart of heaven and one day, like the rain, the whole world will grow green with their love".- rumi

*MR-the two planets are in the sign the other rules.

Monday, December 25, 2006


happy boxing day eve

Today is Christmas and boxing day eve. I chuckle when pondering the various reasons why the 26th of dec. is called boxing day for the English. So many different reasons come to mind. Its that dark scorpio humor of mine. The holidays can bring out the worst in many people- so they box it out @ the holiday dinner table? Nahhhhhhhh. IT's ALL the boxes surrounding the tree!!

Just recently my friend 'wild bill' who is a wandering yogi, told me that Christmas is THE fund raiser for retailers. Being a shopping queen myself, who LOVES to open presents- I agree and support the cause. I even buy gifts for myself and wrap them- put them under the Buddha- and have a jolly time on Christmas morn'- nothing gets returned- i know what i like! I consider this behavior healthy.

Speaking of boxing and health- today is the conjunction of Mercury ( the talker, rules hands and the mouth) and Pluto @ 27 degrees Sag. We know the power of Pluto- coz its been in the news an awful lot as of late- and also seems to be hanging around London.

That powerful pair up can be used to go the high road- (screams of glee that come from opening boxes) or the low one- (taking verbal punches that hurt). It is also the signature of a someone who easily reads between the lines. So watch the thoughts today, on this the birthday ( symbolic-I am sure Jesus was an Aries w/ a strong streak of Pisces) of the prince of peace- let us ring out (no pun intended) PEACEFUL thoughts and words.

Power of the mind. What you think- so you are. What you dream -so you create.

Make Magic.


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